Softball is many things. Today, softball is being early to a meeting.

I enter fully prepared, snack in hand. The room is big but mostly empty. A small group of people are huddle in one corner of the room. There’s not much movement. It’s mostly still. I take a seat.

I’m ready for the big day. I’m ready to do some learning. I’ve got everything I need. All my equipment is in hand. Pen, notebook, binder, etc. Almost game time.

“When do we start today?” I ask Kelly.


I glance at the clock. Perfect. It’s 12:00. I’m right on time.

There’s a saying we have in softball, “If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re early you’re on time.”

Throughout my entire career playing softball, I was never late. Today was no exception.

Walking into the room today, I was reminded of all the times my teammates and I would arrive at the field an hour early, getting ready to start the big game. The feeling was eerily similar.

We’d step through the iron gates. The field was mostly empty. It didn’t have the energy of the game stained on it quite yet. We’d park ourselves on the outfield grass, finishing up our last-minute snacks before fasting for the next 4 hours of game-play. We’d set out the equipment that would sit and wait a few more minutes for us to play with it. The whole field was a movie that hadn’t started yet.

I used to laugh at and mock my coaches for how anal they were for getting us prepared so early. I used to think that it wasted so much time. Now, I have to laugh at myself as I sit in this meeting room, 30 minutes early. Softball has ingrained within me a habit that has grown comforting. I like having that time before the big game. I like the ability to prepare. To breathe. To watch the previews before the movie starts.

So as I sit in this meeting room, 30 minutes early, I know that I’m right on time. I know that soon, the game will begin, and I’ll be prepared. Because softball has helped prepare me.

Softball is many things. Today, softball is being early to a meeting.


6 thoughts on “Softball is Being Early to a Meeting

  1. I was wondering how you were going to pull this one off. How tired are you of me writing “makes perfect sense?” But it does!!

    I love the sense of calm and relief that arriving early brings you. That came through loud and clear in this Slice.


  2. I am with you on the early means “on time” thing. Lateness makes me a little crazy and I hate to rush. Anything worth doing is worth the time. I LOVE your comparisons and they all make sense to me as a non-softball player!


  3. I do this too! I think I need it as an adult so I don’t feel flustered.

    I love this line… Softball is many things. Today, softball is being early to a meeting.


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