Softball is many things. Today, softball is a low maintenance friend.

I’m sitting in my bed, creepily watching Jack sleep, when the phone rings out of nowhere. I look down and see the familiar name of a friend calling from California. As we begin talking, suddenly it’s as if we’re sitting on the couch, drinking wine in our pj’s only feet apart. No time has passed, no distance exists between us.

Our friendship is not the same as it was when we were minutes away from one another. No, I cannot lean on her shoulder when I’m broken up over a boy. No, I cannot see her wide smile when she laughs at our silly conversation. No, I cannot see her, deep in thought, as we contemplate and talk about life.

However, as we spoke on the phone, none of that mattered. Our bond hadn’t changed. Our friendship was as close as ever.

I once read a blog post about having a “low maintenance best friend.” The author explains how, in this type of friendship, “there’s no drama, no bullsh*t, only love for each other.” She goes on to say that, “it is a mutual understanding that no matter how much time has passed since we’ve seen each other, if one of us really needs the other, we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

Carly is, and always has been, that friend to me. She’s been one of the few people who keeps my life easy. She’s one of the few people whom I can always depend on for love.

Like Carly, softball is also a low maintenance best friend.

Our relationship isn’t the same as it has been for the past 20 years. No, I cannot have my hand held by my glove each day when I’m feeling stressed. No, I cannot have tears of sweat wiped clean by my jersey when I’m feeling sad. No, I cannot escape the troubles of my life in the box outside home plate.

Though much time has passed between us since we’ve seen each other, it doesn’t matter. Because when I need to feel the seams on my fingertips, when I need to crunch the dirt under my feet, when I need to smell the crisp cut grass, I know that softball will be there for me, with only love, and no bullsh*t.

Softball is many things. Today, softball is a low maintenance friend.





2 thoughts on “Softball is a Low Maintenance Friend

  1. Hmm, I think of sports as high maintenance, because you have to practice to be able to play, but it sounds like that is natural for you, so I can see the low maintenance aspect. It is great to have friends that are always easy. I am so excited to meet up with two of my friends who are just like this over the summer (it will have been two years since we have been together). I love the way you always slide into your explanations.


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