Softball is many things. Today, softball is a marriage.

“I’m a freaking wizard!” Shouts my mother from the ground floor.

My father bursts out laughing. “Your mother just keeps getting funnier and funnier each year. Funnier and funnier.”

I listened to the banter between my parents today and a smile spread across my face. Their marriage, soon to be 34 years strong in August, is the epitome of commitment and strength. Sure, there have been countless ups and downs in their marriage, but through it all, they remain in love. They know that they’ll be uplifted and supported by one another no matter what.

However, marriage is not easy. Not all days are like theirs today.

Softball is a marriage.

Softball uplifts me like a partner would in a marriage. It gives me support, hope and confidence. However, softball, like a marriage, takes work. It would beat me down, make me want to walk out the front door, make me want to give up. But I always knew that at the end of the day there was love between us. I was committed.

Softball is many things. Today, softball is a marriage.



3 thoughts on “Softball is a Marriage

  1. I was committed. This line cemented the whole message.

    I love your dad’s response. Just from that short piece of dialogue, I get the since that he is still loves her – admires her – after all this time. Beautiful.


  2. It seems that there are too many examples of the opposite- I am so glad you captured this moment of love. What a great moment. Everything worth having takes work, but even with work, some things to not “work out”.


  3. And another one! Since you didn’t develop this one as fully as the previous ones my mind is trying to see what else it can flush out of the idea of softball being like marriage. Marriage is like a season, game after game. Some are exciting, some are mundane, some are painful…


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